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We’re growing trees at Whispering Hills

Starting 2022, Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center will be beginning our tree growing operation. For the past thirty years, we have been McHenry County’s go-to source for quality plant and tree material. Now we’ll be taking those decades of knowledge, and applying it to become the newest tree grower in McHenry County, Illinois. Whispering Hills is located on over 10 acres of land, and now we will be utilizing the space to grow our own stock.

Currently, we are tilling the land, making it usable for growing. Before, this field was completely overgrown and not utilized. We will be planting a new crop of trees next year, becoming a McHenry County tree grower in addition to a McHenry County plant nursery and garden center.

We are also expanding our shade structure that houses our perennial garden, widening our selection. With the expansion, we’ll have more space to hold a wider and deeper selection of perennial flowers, annuals, decorative grasses and more. Starting 2022 we will be selling an expanded selection of plant material, growing our own trees and continuing to be a one-stop destination for mulch, aggregate, natural stone and bagged material.

Next year will also be the start of a new QR code system for our selection, where customers will be able to scan any plant or product we sell, opening up a homepage for that product on our website. That homepage will let you request an estimate, get more info about the product, see longitudinal photos and video over the year and more.

Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center is a full service landscape center and nursery located in Cary, Illinois. Stop in today to schedule a Spring 2022 cleanup. (Updated: 12/1/21)

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