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Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping is an excellent way to give a residential property a unique appeal that also offers practical benefits. It basically consists of features such as walls or pathways that incorporate seamlessly into landscaping architecture. Hardscape elements can include patios or fountains and the materials frequently include wood, concrete, brick, stone, metal or gravel.

Whispering Hills is an Authorized Unilock Contractor. We utilize their premium high-quality bricks in our hardscaping projects. Our hardscaping work is backed by our 5-year workmanship warranty along with a lifetime limited warranty for paving material. Our experienced hardscaping staff is fully bonded and insured. Stop in to see us – we’ll help you begin planning the beautiful backyard you have in mind!

Some of the benefits to hardscaping include:

  • Low maintenance. Without a doubt, one of the top advantages of hardscapes is simply the limited maintenance they need. After creating and installing the design you want, your backyard will be set for many years. No need for mowing, watering, trimming or pruning!
  • Water efficiency. Hardscaping is an effective solution to water waste. After all, it consists of features that just don’t require watering.
  • Enhances property values. Enhancing your yard with hardscape materials can help to boost the value and appeal of your residential property. By adding an outside extension, you’re adding more usable space that possible buyers can picture themselves enjoying. Research indicates, in fact, that a high percentage of homebuyers look for an outside patio when considering a purchase.
  • Slows erosion. With effective planning, hardscaping materials help reduce erosion. Installing barriers such as concrete or stone in areas vulnerable to erosion can keep the ground in place.
Stop in at Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center on Illinois Route 31 in Cary to consult with our knowledgeable staff about hardscaping options for your property!

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