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Landscaping Services

we offer planting and delivery of all the trees and shrubs we carry. our landscaping crews offer cleanups as well as full-fledged landscape installation.
Landscaping Services

A residential property without any type of landscaping can seem incomplete and appear as though it’s still under construction. Well-planned and maintained landscaping can transform a nondescript section of grass into an attractive and unique exterior feature that adds market value. From shade trees that provide cool relief on steamy summer afternoons to a line of arborvitae offering privacy, a landscape project is a cost-effective way to add beauty to your home.

Besides their appealing visual aesthetic, landscaping establishes a backdrop for pleasant neighborhood gatherings and everyday relaxation. The craft of landscaping projects creates natural beauty within the landscaping and also supplies a measure of steady growth for your household. Whether flowering shrubs or fruit trees, a professionally installed landscape simply gives you something pleasant to look forward to. Landscaped properties are a reliable investment that add springtime blooms and colorful, changing hues in the fall. Since trees and plants grow on their own schedules, there’s no more ideal time than now to schedule your next project!

The Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

Were you aware that well-maintained lawn is actually beneficial to the environment? For instance, retaining walls can help to prevent erosion and limit the amount of ground soil that ends up entering waterways. Proper drainage and grading serves to reduce stormwater runoff as well as prevent risk of flooding. In addition, the planting of native flowers, plants and trees provides a healthy environment for wildlife and birds.

Professional, Innovative Landscaping for Your Home

If you are planning to improve your landscaping, consider the expert services of the knowledgeable staff at Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center. Over the last 30 years, we’ve served many satisfied customers throughout McHenry County. Think of us as your “go-to” resource for all your landscaping needs!

Landscape Lighting

Check out the photos of the landscape lighting from Moonscape Illumination. To view their website, Click Here.

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