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Watch these flower bloom time lapses for spring inspiration

The passage of seasons can sometimes feel like someone 3x’ing fast forward on a remote control. One day the snow is melting in the bright days of April, only to look up again and the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Luckily spring is still a few months away, and the firework-like, technicolor display of beautiful flower bulbs blooming in real time has not yet been missed. To tide yourself over before then, check out this time lapse montage put together by the National Geographic, of the flowers you may soon see, blooming right before your eyes.

At Whispering Hills, we carry a vast range of flowering plants both perennial and annual, in addition to our deep stock of shrubs, trees and and landscaping materials. Whether you’re a gardening expert looking for a wide supply of plant material to continue investing in your landscape, or a novice trying to get started in the garden, we have everything you need to get planting in Spring 2022.

Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center is a full service landscape center and nursery located in Cary, Illinois. Stop in today to schedule a Spring 2022 cleanup. (Updated: 1/10/22)

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