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‘Supertunia Summer’ at Whispering Hills Garden Center

This summer, Whispering Hills Garden Center is delighted to announce our ‘Supertunia Summer’ event, showcasing the vibrant and robust Proven Winners Supertunia varieties. We welcome all gardening enthusiasts to join us for a season filled with colorful blooms, community interaction, and professional gardening insights. Our aim is to help you transform your outdoor areas into stunning displays of color while fostering a supportive community of gardeners.

Kick Off Your Garden with a Free Supertunia

Get started by downloading the Whispering Hills Garden Center rewards app and using the promo code ‘supertuniasummer‘. This will grant you a digital coupon for a free 4.5″ Proven Winners Supertunia plant, the perfect addition to any garden looking for a splash of color.

Select from Our Featured Supertunia Varieties

We’ve chosen a selection of Supertunia varieties especially for their exceptional beauty and performance:

  • Supertunia Vista Bubblegum: Celebrated for its bright pink blossoms that enliven any setting.
  • Supertunia Vista JazzBerry: Perfect for those who want to make a bold statement with deep, vibrant colors.
  • Supertunia Safron Finch: A cheerful burst of yellow to brighten your garden.
  • Supertunia Royal Magenta: Elegant magenta flowers that add a sophisticated touch.

Enter the ‘Supertunia Summer’ Contest

This year’s contest includes three categories:

  1. Container Garden: Showcase your creativity with Supertunias in container gardens.
  2. Hanging Basket: Demonstrate how Supertunias can enhance the beauty of hanging baskets.
  3. Landscape Planting: Display the versatility of Supertunias in your landscape planting.

Submit your photos or videos via the Whispering Hills Garden Center website. Our staff will select five finalists in each category, and then our customers will vote through a poll on our app to choose the winners.

Share Your Gardening Achievements

All entrants will have the opportunity to be featured on our website, app, social media channels, and potentially in store displays. This is a fantastic chance to showcase your gardening skills and inspire others within the community.

Need Some Inspiration?

For those looking for combination planting ideas, check out the Proven Winners website at Proven Winners Gardening Ideas for helpful tips and inspiration.

Key Dates to Remember

  • Event Start: May 1st, with plants available for pickup as soon as local planting conditions permit.
  • Claim Your Free Plant: Make sure to do so by Mother’s Day, May 12th.
  • Contest Submission Deadline: All entries must be submitted by July 31st.

Whispering Hills Garden Center is excited to see your gardens come alive with the beautiful colors of Supertunias this summer. Download our app today, claim your free plant, and start preparing your contest entries. Let’s make this a vibrant and memorable gardening season! Happy gardening!

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