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Spruce Trees Crystal Lake IL

Spruce Trees Crystal Lake IL

Spruce Trees Crystal Lake IL – Whispering Hills

Planting spruce trees are an excellent way of revitalizing your yard. On this post, we’ll review some of the key benefits to choosing these popular trees for your landscape:

-Spruces stay green throughout the year. Their durable foliage does not go through the same striking changes that others trees such as maples do. Instead, Spruce Trees Crystal Lake IL hang on to their needles. When the winter winds take away the leaves of your other trees, your spruces will remain as colorful as ever.

-A natural wind break. Along with the visual appeal they provide, spruce trees can function as a shield for your home against snow and high winds. Just as the wind chills your body when you’re outdoors, it also brings cold into your house. A spruce tree serves as a form of buffer against cold winds, which helps save on heating bills, too. In the summertime, they provide shade for your home against the sun’s relentless UV rays. Any type of tree can help moderate a home’s interior climate, but trees from the conifer family – such as spruces – make for especially effective windbreaks.

Spruce Trees Crystal Lake IL

-Extra privacy and sound buffers. Where deciduous trees that shed their leaves provide visual coverage in the warmer months, Spruce Trees Crystal Lake IL screen your yard all throughout the year. They also help dampen sound, too.

-Shelter for birds and wildlife. Healthy and vibrant spruce trees also supply a home and refuge from the elements for birds and critters like squirrels. When you plant conifer trees you’ll doing a lot to help your property remain a haven for colorful birds.

Stop in at Whispering Hills in Cary to take a look at our large selection of Spruce Trees Crystal Lake IL and other trees, plants, shrub and flowers ready to beautify your landscape.

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