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1 ton of 4-8” boulders generally covers 35-40 Sq’
1 ton of 6-12” boulders generally covers 25-30 Sq’
1 ton of 12-18” boulders generally covers 12-15 Sq’
1 ton of 18-24” boulders generally covers 8-12 Sq’
1 ton of 24-36” boulders generally covers 5-8 Sq’



Boulder Disclaimer

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Our Wisconsin Granite Boulders are smooth, rounded, multi-colored, and are available in several sizes from small 4″-6″ cobbles to large boulders over 48″. These boulders are perfect for boulder retaining walls, waterfalls, water features, shoreline stabilization, and as accent pieces. We have access to many hard to find oversized granite boulders that work great for that special pieces that completes the landscape.

*For the best representation of color & texture, please see in person.

Additional information

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Disclaimer for bulk boulder purchase and delivery:

  • The boulder sizes listed are a general range for the size of the boulders, you may receive a few boulders that are slightly bigger or smaller than the listed size range, but generally the sizes are pretty accurate.
  • We are unable to pick out boulders that are a specific size or color. If you only want boulders for example, that are blue, and 14”, we will not be able to accommodate this request (if you have specific parameters you are trying to follow, such as specific size and/or color, you are able to come in and pick them out yourself and set up delivery in-store). If you order online, you will get a mix of colors and sizes within the particular size range you have chosen.
  • If you want boulders from 2 different size ranges, they will come mixed in the delivery truck, as unfortunately we have no way to divide them. If you want to make sure the sizes do not mix, you will have to place 2 separate orders and pay 2 separate delivery fees.
  • The delivery charge only covers dumping the boulders, not taking them out one by one and placing them.
  • We will only dump boulders on a soft surface, such as your front or back yard, we will not dump on any paved surface.
  • If you have specific dump instructions that require our drivers to drive on an unpaved surface such as your front/back yard, you will need to fill out a dump consent form, located under the forms tab, after placing your order. Even if you sign the dump consent form, it is still up to the driver’s discretion whether or not he deems it safe (if the driver feels the ground is wet or too soft, they will not be able to accommodate your dump request and will dump the boulders in the safest and most accessible spot available).
  • Please be aware that depending on the size and quantity of the boulders you have delivered, some chipping or cracking to some of the boulders may occur during the dumping process.
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