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Plant annual mums for a little springtime in fall

There’s nothing like watching something that you planted take root and bloom during the spring and summertime. Since fall is generally considered to be a season where plant life and gardening slows, it can be easy to forget that there are flowers still to plant as the year wanes to a close.

Colder temperatures and shorter days mean that the majority of the vibrant blooms known in the beginning and middle of the year have since gone dormant. Luckily the hardy mum plant is able to be planted in the fall, and will keep growing and hold its color until the freezes of winter. Hardy mums can even tolerate a light frost, meaning that they should keep color or interest until December, in a normal year.

Mums are great end of season growth because they have characteristic deep, bold, colors that are rare to find growing in the end of year season. These colors can spruce up a fading fall garden, keeping your landscape lively until the very last minute of growing season. These colors are an excellent complement to the changing colors of autumn trees, as the colors of mums are generally warm tone, similar to the leaves of autumn arbors.

Planting mums in the fall brings the joy of gardening later into the season. By planting mums, you get some more time outdoors, and get to appreciate your garden in a different season. Take the time to begin planning for next year, or just to appreciate all of the work you put in this year. Planting mums at the end of the year creates a moment to appreciate the changing of seasons, while keeping you engaged in the garden in an atypical season.

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