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Nursery Wauconda IL

Nursery Wauconda IL

Nursery Wauconda IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center – Cary – 8104 South Illinois Route 31 – Call 847-658-5610

Planning your garden for next spring? If you’re looking a Nursery Wauconda IL with a big selection of plants, flowers and everything you’ll need for a prosperous garden, check out Whispering Hills – we’re minutes away from Wauconda in the Village of Cary. On this post, we’re looking at one the best plants you can choose for your landscape: perennials.

There are plenty of benefits to perennials. Without a doubt, they’re often a top choice for growers due to their easy maintenance and dependable return every year.

There are a couple of main types of flowerbed and garden plants: perennials and annuals. (Although there are also biennials, which last for two years.) Annuals conclude their whole life cycle in one year. But perennials can live for many years. After they flower and die back, their roots remain in place and generate another crop the next year.

Nursery Wauconda IL

One of the obvious advantages to perennials is that they simply don’t need replanting each year. This helps save gardeners a lot of time. Plus, after establishing the plants, perennials typically require less upkeep because their efficient root systems provide the necessary nutrients.

-Promotes healthy soil. Since perennials stay in the soil for so long, their roots help to enhance soil structure. While they grow and their roots spread out, it serves to aerate the soil. It also creates new pathways for water to circulate. This enables the perennial – and your other plants – to get the water and oxygen they need.

Access nutrients. Perennial plants have a root system that tends to run deeper than their annual counterparts, which enables them to access nutrients within the soil. They draw those useful nutrients up to surface-level where other types of plants can reach them. Nitrogen, for instance, is an especially useful element for plants that perennials pull upwards.

Looking for a Nursery Wauconda IL with a wide variety of flowers and plants for your garden and landscape? You’ll find it all at Whispering Hills!

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