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Nursery Near Me McHenry IL

Nursery Near Me McHenry IL

Nursery Near Me McHenry IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center – Cary, IL – 8104 South Illinois Route 31 – Call 847-658-5610

Planning to start a flower garden but concerned you may not have a “green” thumb? On this post, we list a few flowers available at our Nursery Near Me McHenry IL that are easy to care for and will also beautify your property. Annuals like sunflowers are simple to plant from seed, for example, and add great color to any garden. You can begin with just a few plants and get started!

Nursery Near Me McHenry IL

Sunflowers. These annual plants display main yellow and brown colors and grow anyway from three to as tall as sixteen feet.

-Bloom in the summertime.
-Most sunflower varieties are heat and drought tolerant.
-Sunflowers are an attraction for birds, bees and butterflies.
-They thrives in full sunlight and tolerate most soils.
-May need some support later in the season to avoid breakage.

Coneflowers. Colors can range from pink and orange to purple, white and yellow. Coneflowers typically grow up to approximately six feet.

-Blooms over a period of months.
-Good for cut flowers.
-Attractive to birds and pollinators.
-Plant seeds in fall or spring.
-Likes well-drained, rich soils.
-Resistant to drought.

Marigolds. These popular flowers, which grow up to three feet high, display shades of gold, red, yellow and mixed.

-Blooms in the fall, spring and summer.
-Grows rapidly from seed.
-Repels mosquitoes. (Ask the staff at our Nursery Near Me McHenry IL about more plants that help keep mosquitoes away!)
-Grows well in sandy or dry gardens.
-Water heavily, let your marigolds dry sufficiently in between watering sessions.

Morning Glories. Another good selection for beginning gardeners. Marigolds are available in red, blue, white, pink and purple varieties. Blooming in the later part of the summer or early autumn, marigolds can grow very tall.

-Attracts butterflies and birds.
-Seeds are toxic – do NOT ingest.
-Prefers well-drained, moderately fertile soil.
-Water once per week during dry weather.

Whispering Hills in nearby Cary is your source for flowers, plants and other materials to help your garden and landscaping prosper. If you’re looking for a Nursery Near Me McHenry IL, come see us!

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