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Nursery Near Me Lake in the Hills IL

Nursery Near Me Lake in the Hills IL

Nursery Near Me Lake in the Hills IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center – Cary, IL – 8104 South Illinois Route 31 – Call 847-658-5610

Although tomatoes aren’t particularly difficult to grow, some basic knowledge is helpful to prevent common mistakes. Read on for some practical tips that can help your garden produce lots of tasty tomatoes next season:

-Choose an appropriate variety. It seems pretty obvious, but the tomato varieties you want to plant must be well-suited to the climate in which you live. For instance, a cooler-climate variety is better of regions where the growing season is short. Talk to our experienced Nursery Near Me Lake in the Hills IL staff about which tomatoes are ideal for your garden.

Some tomatoes are more vulnerable to diseases than others. Look varieties that feature strong resistance to problems like blight. Also, you might want to plant varieties that are known for an earlier harvest, high yield and pleasant flavor.

Nursery Near Me Lake in the Hills IL

Tomatoes growing in cooler northern climates tend to have a limited amount of time to turn sufficiently red. To that end, consider varieties appropriate to shorter seasons and cooler temperatures like the Early Girl. They can mature within approximately 50 days after you plant them. Cherry tomatoes are also a good option for snacking.

Do you want to use your tomatoes for making sauce? If so, Roma or plum tomatoes are ideal for cooking. Beefsteak tomatoes are juicy and thick, which makes them handy for salads and on sandwiches. Determinate varieties of tomatoes cease growing when they reach about three feet high. These are the tomatoes good for making sauces or for canning.

Nursery Near Me Lake in the Hills IL – Visit Whispering Hills for all your vegetable garden needs. We have a huge selection of quality plants and bulk materials to help your garden thrive!

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