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Nursery Near Me Hoffman Estates IL

Nursery Near Me Hoffman Estates IL

Nursery Near Me Hoffman Estates IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center – Cary, IL – 8104 South Illinois Route 31 – Call 847-658-5610

Looking for materials at a Nursery Near Me Hoffman Estates IL to help grow your flower or vegetable garden? Take a quick trip to Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center in Cary – we offer a wide selection of quality bulk materials such as mulch and aggregate at competitive prices.

Mulch is basically any kind of coverage bulk material that’s spread across the top of the soil. Its application is primarily to enhance soil health and promote plant growth. It’s also commonly utilized as a decorative feature.

Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your Landscape

-Provides stability and helps to prevent erosion.
-Helps soil retain water that plants need to thrive.
-Improves quality and structure of soil over time.
-Adds visual appeal.
-Mixes in organic material with soils.
-Inhibits growth of weeds.
-Protects plant roots against cold and hot temperature fluctuations.

Nursery Near Me Hoffman Estates IL

Although mulch doesn’t fully eliminate all weed growth, it can significantly reduce it. Consequently, that can save gardeners a lot of time during the course of a growing season. Weed seeds require moisture and light – just as other plants do. Mulch serves to block the growth of weeds by denying them these essential elements. A healthy layer of mulch also forms a protective barrier to prevent weeds from taking hold in your soil.

-Boosts resistance to pests. Some types of mulches offer an attractive place for beneficial varieties of insects, which serve as a natural deterrent that keeps pest problems from developing.

-Reduces need for frequent watering. Mulches help conserve water by limiting the evaporation rate in soil. Consequently, that means you want need to water as often, which reduces water use costs and strengthens your plants’ ability to resist drought.

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