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Nursery Near Me Crystal Lake IL

Nursery Near Me Crystal Lake IL

Nursery Near Me Crystal Lake IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center – 8401 South Illinois Route 31 – Cary IL – Call 847-658-5610

Even if you have not finished with your yard’s fall season clean up, there’s no need to worry. There is still enough time to prepare your landscape for the winter and help ensure your plant materials will be as healthy as possible for the next growing season. Fall cleanups are a basic task that still go a long way towards protecting your landscape. It’s a job that can be divided up over a few days if you are not able to finish it in one session.

Nursery Near Me Crystal Lake IL – Raking up fallen leaves is likely the first thing that comes to mind for a fall cleanup.

Depending upon the size and dimensions of your property, raking leaves can be completed in one day or throughout the course of the season as different types of trees shed their leaves at various times. Raking up leaves is not just important for aesthetic reasons, but also for the general wellness of your lawn and landscaping. When left to cover the ground, fallen leaves provide a place for moisture to collect, shielded from sunlight. When there’s too much moisture underneath organic material it creates conditions for mold to form and spread, which is not beneficial for landscapes.

Great selection of plants, trees, flowers, bulk materials and other products for your landscape – Nursery Near Me Crystal Lake IL

Cutting back your perennials helps the plants grow strong and healthy the following year. Without a doubt, a little trimming can help these sturdy plants conserve their energy in the winter and minimize their risk of getting infected with diseases. Ask our knowledgeable staff about which perennials should be cut back for the season. Perennials such as irises, hostas and grasses can benefit from a trim in the fall.

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