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Nursery Near Me Carpentersville IL

Nursery Near Me Carpentersville IL

Nursery Near Me Carpentersville IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscape Center – 8401 South Illinois Route 31 – Cary IL – Call 630- 658-6510

Healthy garden soil is naturally essential for growing vigorous, durable plants that are productive and also able to withstand exposure to diseases and pests. Whether you’re starting out with fresh, high-quality soil or planning to garden on your property’s existing soil, improving it is an ongoing process.

Soil consists of multiple components, including water, mineral particles, air, organic matter and microorganisms. The natural balance among these parts must be sustained in order for a garden to prosper. Just like any other living thing, soil requires feeding in order to supply a nourishing and beneficial environment for growing your garden vegetables.

Looking for a Nursery Near Me Carpentersville IL for quality garden supplies? We’ve got you covered at Whispering Hills in Cary!

Mulch, a wide variety of which is available at our Nursery Near Me Carpentersville IL, is simply a must for establishing healthy soil and vibrant plants. Mulch helps to stimulate soil’s natural growth conditions while retaining moisture. Plus, mulch protects soil against heat, cold and weeds. As mulch steadily decomposes it adds organic matter to increase the soil’s fertility.

Another way to help your soil remain healthy is to rotate the type of plants you grow every year. Planting your crops in a different area of your garden can help prevent the depletion of essential nutrients. It also disrupts the cycles of diseases or pests and to help keep the soil healthy.

Planting what’s known as a “cover” crop towards the end of the growing season and letting it remain in your garden over the winter offers many benefits. Cover crops – such as kale or turnips – gives the soil protection against erosion from rainfall, winds and melting snow.

Talk to the staff at Nursery Near Me Carpentersville IL for more tips on how to ensure your garden thrives next season!

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