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Maple Trees Algonquin IL

Maple Trees Algonquin IL

Maple Trees Algonquin IL – Whispering Hills

Nothing says fall quite like the changing, vivid colors of the trees in your yard. The bright yellows, reds and orange tree leaves create a pleasing aesthetic that complements the change in the weather. To get a variety of colors in your Illinois yard, consider planting some beautiful Maple Trees Algonquin IL. They are without a doubt an effective way to really give your landscape a visual pop with minimal maintenance. Another benefit is that maples are very durable trees. The knowledgeable team at Whispering Hills can recommend which varieties of maple tree will be the best match to your yard.

Maple Trees Algonquin IL

Maple trees are a popular selection with homeowners and commercial property owners for not just their ability to thrive in different conditions but because they are a reliable provider of shade and fall colors. However, there are many maple tree varieties in a range of shapes and sizes. For instance, there are large maples that provide plenty of shade as well as ornamental, smaller maples that can make an attractive addition that gives new curb appeal to your yard.

Prior to planting your new Maple Trees Algonquin IL, it’s essential to assess the dimensions of your yard to consider what would be an appropriate fit when completely grown. A mature maple tree can reach heights of approximately 50 to 60 feet with a width of 40 feet or more. Ornamental maple trees are usually smaller with a maturity height of about 30 feet in a range of various shapes.

Shade maples are known for a single trunk with a full, thriving canopy that supplies lots of shade. The red maple is the variety that is the most colorful, while the sugar maple has leaves that turn orange and yellow. Then there is the silver maple, which is also known for their red, orange and yellow leaves.

Whispering Hills has a wide selection of quality Maple Trees Algonquin IL ready to beautify your yard!

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