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Landscaping Near Me West Dundee IL

Landscaping Near Me West Dundee IL

Landscaping Near Me West Dundee IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center – 8401 South Illinois Route 31 – Cary – Call 847-658-5610

If you’re just getting started with plans to landscape your property, you might be unfamiliar with a related term: hardscaping. Basically, hardscaping may include most any kind of practical or decorative structure that’s part of a landscape design like fences or stone pathways. Hardscape is a major component Landscaping Near Me West Dundee IL design, creating definition and a feeling of organization that complements natural elements.

Landscaping Near Me West Dundee IL

The elements of hardscaping help to define the use of outdoor spaces – such as a driveway. Or, hardscaping can guide visitors through various areas of a landscape with a gravel pathway that twists through a grassy expanse and into a vegetable garden. Indeed, there are several ways to employ hardscape features to enhance and beautify your property:

-A stone retainer wall, for example, can create a planting area or transform a slope to useable yard space.
-A concrete patio is a low-maintenance and very popular option for creating an area for entertaining guests.
-Brick patios provide a natural, upscale look you may prefer to concrete.
-Tile patios are a good way to upgrade a concrete slab.
-Stone pathways are perfect for garden entrances.

Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Near Me West Dundee IL is an authorized Unilock contractor. We install their quality premium bricks for all the hardscaping projects we do. In addition, we can place an order with Unilock for your own hardscaping projects. The hardscaping workmanship we do is backed by a 5-year warranty and the paving materials we use have limited lifetime warranty. Our hardscaping team is insured, bonded and has over 30 years of industry experienced. Give us a call, reach us online or simply visit Whispering Hills to get started with plans for landscape of your dreams.

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