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Order aggregate delivery online in 5 easy steps

When working on home improvement and hardscaping projects, time is a critical factor. If your job can get done in a single day, then why wait for materials, breaking your project up over multiple days? At Whispering Hills we can save you some of your valuable time by delivering building materials, like Grade 8 Limestone, Limestone Screenings, and Torpedo Sand to your home or worksite. Order exactly how much you need, tell us where to put your materials, and we’ll deliver it on the day of your choice. We can’t guarantee a time of delivery, so if you want to get started bright and early on a Saturday (and skip a trip to the store), place a delivery for Friday, and your materials will be waiting for you when you wake up Saturday.


Whispering Hills’ homepage on a computer

Step 1: Go to www.whisperinghillsnursery.com

To start ordering aggregate for delivery online, first go to www.whisperinghillsnursery.com on either your phone or computer and find our homepage.

Step 2: Find the “Shop” tab in the menu


Whispering Hills’ homepage on a mobile phone

From our website’s homepage, find the menu bar at the top of the page. If you are on a computer, the menu bar will be the green bar at the top of the page. If you are on a mobile phone, click the three horizontal, parallel lines at top of the homepage, and that will open the website’s menu. In either of these menus, click “Shop,” and you will be brought to Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center’s online store.

Step 3: Find the aggregate product you need


Whispering Hills’ online store

Within our online store you’ll find our bulk products, including aggregate. Scroll down past “Mulch,” and “Decorative Stone,” and you’ll find our up to date inventory of bulk aggregate materials that can be delivered right to your door. Click on the product that you need delivered, and you will be brought to that item’s product listing. We offer Pea Gravel to 3/4″ & 3/8″ Clear Limestone and everything in between. If you need aggregate delivered, you’ve found the right place.

Step 4: Enter quantity and delivery method preference


The product listing for recycled concrete

Once you have selected the aggregate material that you need delivered, determine how much you need (if you need any help determining how much aggregate to use, there’s a calculator available on each bulk listing that should help). Once you know how much aggregate you need, fill out the “Quantity” (in yards) drop down. After that, click the “Delivery Method” drop down and select either “Delivery” or “Pickup.” Once you’ve entered your selections, click “Purchase.” This will bring you to checkout, where you can either purchase your order, or go back to keep shopping. Our minimum for delivery is 2 yards and our maximum load size for aggregate is 7 yards. If you need more than 7 yards, you will need to add multiple orders to your cart. (For example: 14 yards of recycled concrete delivered, would need two separate orders of 7 yards in the same cart. You only need to pay once.)

Step 5: Fill out checkout cart with delivery instructions


Whispering Hills’ online checkout

If you need more than one kind of material, or need to order multiple shipments of the same material, keep shopping, and your shipping total will auto update. As an example, our local delivery charge for Crystal Lake is $50 per load. If you needed to order 7 yards of recycled concrete delivered to Crystal Lake, then your delivery fee would be $50. If you needed to order 14 yards of recycled concrete, then you’ll need to put two orders of 7 yards of recycled concrete into your cart. Your cart will auto update your new shipping total to $100, without you having to do anything else. Just figure out what you need, add it to your cart, and either checkout or keep shopping for more.

Bonus Step: Enjoy the time that you saved for yourself🥳

Congrats! You now know how to order bulk aggregate from Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center online, delivered right to your door. Long gone are the days of worrying about when you can get into the garden center or procrastinating shopping for your building materials. We can deliver whatever you need from our store, directly to you, helping you get a head start on whatever you’re working on.

Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center is a full service landscape center and nursery located in Cary, Illinois. Stop in today for our full selection of bulk materials including mulch, aggregate, decorative stone and natural stone.

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