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Garden and landscape questions? We have answers

If you’re a beginner gardener who just got started during last year’s stay-at-home orders, or an expert gardener who wants another opinion; we have answers to any question you may have about the plants, products and services that we sell. Need a tree recommendation for a specific part of land on your property or some advice on a perennial to pick that would flourish in your yard? Maybe you need some help determining what insecticides and fungicides to use, ones that will get the job done and not kill your entire lawn. Need guidance on how to care for your new plants that are just getting their roots established? Our expert staff and horticulturalists will either have an answer for your garden and landscape questions, or know where to direct you for more information.

At Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center, we offer a curated selection of the finest perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs and evergreens – all maintained by hand. These plants are hand picked to thrive in Zone 5b, the growing zone that McHenry County, Illinois is located in.

We also carry northwest suburban Illinois’ widest selection of professional grade bulk materials. Mulch, aggregate, decorative stone—everything a healthy landscape needs for maintenance or to tie together outdoor design. If you need help figuring out how many yards of mulch to get delivered right to your door, or want to know which kind of natural stone will work best within your landscape, ask us anything you need to know about your plans.

Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have about your landscaping and hardscaping, and if it’s something that may be of interest your fellow gardeners, then we may turn it into a blog or social media post to help share the information and help everyone learn.

We offer full service garden and landscape design, planting services and delivery. Our landscape designer can meet with you at your home and design a custom landscape for your home. Our expert horticulturalist can direct you to the best trees and shrubs for your home’s specific needs. Our expert sales team can also answer any other questions that you may have, helping you select from our wide array of perennial flowers and annuals.

We can also answer questions about hardscaping, brick care, drainage, grass seed, fertilization and more. If you have a question about plants, trees, gardens, landscaping, lawns or brick care—we’ll likely have an answer, or be able to point you in the right direction.

Find out why Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center is McHenry County’s one stop shop for anything that your landscape may need, and stop in today. If you have any questions about maintaining your landscape, you can always contact us or call us at (847) 658-5610.

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