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Grill in privacy this Father’s Day with arborvitae screening

Arborvitae make for excellent hedges, providing privacy and wind screening, while also giving
your landscape’s perimeter definition. This Father’s Day weekend, whether you’re planning a
big buffet-style cookout for the whole neighborhood or just grilling with your family, a row of
arborvitaes can come in handy, enhancing your weekend plans.

Some arborvitae to consider that make for great privacy screens are Pyramidal, Brabant and
North Pole arborvitae. The good thing about using these arborvitae for privacy purposes is that
you don’t need that much height to make a dent in visibility, especially if planted on an incline or
hill. A handful of 4-5’ arborvitae will grow into themselves as a uniform hedge, and will block a
line of sight from a first floor window until then.

A couple of varieties of arborvitae that are ideal for blocking winds are Dark Green and Techny
arborvitae. Arborvitae are good at blocking winds because of their bushiness of foliage,
preventing wind from passing through the trees at full force when planted in a row. This muting
of the summer breeze should make grilling easier and simplify entertainment, as napkins and
plates will blow away less and your open flame will be less likely to extinguish.

As a bonus, as with any landscaping, you’ll be creating a natural environment within your yard.
This means that along with the benefits of wind and privacy screening, you may start to hear the
chirps of a few more birds in the mornings, or find some animal friends in the cold of winter. As
arborvitae are evergreen, these trees will provide said benefits all year round. If you have deer
running through your yard, we recommend Green Giant arborvitae, which have great resistance
to deer.

With just a few arborvitae, planted in a row or in a zig zag, you can transform your deck, grilling
area or landscape. These arborvitae will provide privacy from your neighbors, create definition
within your landscape and create a windbreak from blowing winds. We have McHenry County’s
widest selection of evergreens and arborvitae, ready for any need.

Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center is a full service landscape center and nursery
located in Cary, Illinois. Give us a call or stop in today to see our full selection.

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