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Decorate a fall porch for under $35

Fall is here, and as Halloween approaches, one by one, your neighborhood is probably becoming more festive as trees start to change color. Sunset and dusk may now bring about the crisp end of year aromas, like bonfire and end of season plant life. While some households may go all out with Halloween decorations and autumn decor, decorating your home for the autumnal season doesn’t have to break the bank. At Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center, we have all you need to create a simple foundational fall porch display that you can add to as you will, and will still bring you the joys of the season, for under $35.

1) Pony Straw Bale (x1)

Straw bales are the cornerstone to any fall decoration setup. At Whispering Hills, we carry two sizes: pony straw bales (small) and straw bales (large). Place all of your decorations on and around a straw bale to introduce height to your arrangement, while also utilizing the organic aesthetics of the fall-time harvest. Use your bale as a bench for a homemade scarecrow, or a place to put your carved pumpkin. You can’t go wrong with a straw bale.

2) Pumpkins (x2)

You can’t think of Halloween and autumn without thinking of pumpkins. Whether you’re looking for carving pumpkins to create a design of your own, classic pumpkin arrangements sans carving, or small pie pumpkins to place around the house, we have all the pumpkins that you need, except for pumpkin spice lattes. We offer large, medium, pie and mini pumpkins ready for your autumn display!

3) Mums (x2)

Similar to straw bales and pumpkins, mums are deeply associated with the fall gardening season, as they are some of the last annuals that can be planted for the year in growing zone 5b, where we are located. “Mums are great end of season growth because they have characteristic deep, bold, colors that are rare to find growing in the end of year season. These colors can spruce up a fading fall garden, keeping your landscape lively until the very last minute of growing season. These colors are an excellent complement to the changing colors of autumn trees, as the colors of mums are generally warm tone, similar to the leaves of autumn arbors.” We cary 4.5”, 1gal and bushel basket sizes.

4) Gourds (x1)

Gourds are an excellent filler for any autumn display. Once you have all of your mums ready to go, placed on your straw bale, next to the pumpkins of your choice, why not throw in a few gourds? Create a fall cornucopia by using gourds as a final touch. Gourds are a staple of fall decoration, will remind you of the harvest season and add another autumnal visual element that should bring you into the end of year mood immediately.

Total: $34.70

Bonus) Corn Stalks (x1)

As a bonus, throw in some corn stalks and bring your fall display to the next level. Corn stalks are a cornerstone to the fall harvest, especially here in the midwest. Similar to straw bales, corn stalks add an additional element of height to your autumn decorations. A bonus to adding corn stalks to your fall decor is that you’ll gain some autumnal aroma to add to your front porch.

Total: $43.69

Whispering Hills Garden and Landscape Center is a full service landscape center and nursery located in Cary, Illinois. Stop in today for our full selection of fall annuals, mums and autumn decor!

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