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Announcing Whispering Hills Fall Festival 2021

Shop local artists, small business vendors and a mobile farmstand. Learn how to get involved in your community. Walk our perennial gardens & tree nursery. Free craft table, a giveaway and available food & drink!

If you are a vendor and still need to fill out the vendor form, or to find vendor informational/promotional materials, click here.

25+ Vendors Attending, Including:
•McHenry County College (Center for Agrarian Learning)
•Cary Area Public Library
•Family Health Partnership Clinic- Care4 Breast Cancer 5K
•Twisted Stem
•Essential Kitchen
•Smart Farm of Barrington
•Certasun Solar
•LindaGeez Cards and Gifts
•Van Hook ‘n Stitch
•Elena Kari
•Sew Grand Quilts
•Lynne Kwiatkowski
•True Vivid Stone
•susan clancy art
•stitch M
•Yogainspiredbylisa ~
•My Blue Horse Art
•Christopher Childers Photography
•Woodard by Pawl
•Sassy Beans
•Maker Mouse Designs
•Frank Originals
•Tropical Chill – Hawaiian Shaved Ice & Ice Cream
And more announced every day!

For more information, RSVP on Facebook or follow us @whisperinghillsgardencenter on social.

“McHenry County College has degrees and certificates in horticulture and entrepreneurial agriculture. The College also has the Center for Agrarian Learning, which helps share information about food production and the food economy.”
-McHenry County College (Center for Agrarian Learning (www.mchenry.edu/cal)

“Checkout the possibilities at the Cary Area Public Library!”
-Cary Area Library

“Family Health Partnership Clinic is celebrating its 25th year as a not for profit medical clinic that provides quality health care to the uninsured men and women of McHenry County. We do not rely on federal or state funding and instead rely on grants, foundations and the generosity of the community to support our services. We have over 25 local doctors, dentists and other health practitioners that volunteer their time each month to care for our patients. The upcoming Care4 Breast Cancer 5K Run/Walk is our biggest fundraiser of the year and is hosted at Woodstock North HS. Participants that sign up at the Whispering Hills Fall Festival will receive a Free pair of Care4 Pink socks sponsored by Snap-On Tools! Register for the live, in-person or event OR choose to participate VIRTUALLY and host your own Care4 event! Either way, our community will be healthier because of YOU!”
-Family Health Partnership Clinic- Care4 Breast Cancer 5K (www.care4breastcancer5k.org)

“Small florals, cards, pots, plant trim”
-Twisted Stem (www.facebook.com/Twisted-Stem-Floral-147082315323806)

“We are a small farm focused on sustainable practices that revitalizes the soil and increases biodiversity while supplying food banks with healthy, delicious produce.”
-Smart Farm of Barrington (www.smartfarms.org)

“Learn about rooftop solar and home battery backup in Illinois and how to sign up”
-Certasun Solar (www.certasun.com)

“GREAT Food with friendly conversation”
-THE GUT TRUCK (www.facebook.com/The-Gutt-Truck-106466238306584)

“Citizen is a boutique that features thoughtfully curated resale and vintage clothing, home decor and furniture. We recognize the need for environmentally responsible practices as consumers and business owners. We believe that by shopping resale and shopping local, you are partnering with us to create a healthier, sustainable model of consumerism within our community.”
-Citizen (www.instagram.com/citizenresale)

“I am an Illustrator, Photographer, Designer I produce Stationery Products and Greeting Cards and Gifts. I embrace positivity and wellness and have a Gourmet Line of Loose Leaf Teas and Gifts”
-LindaGeez Cards and Gifts (www.lindageez.com)

“A variety of crocheted items for every Season. My specialty is winter accessories. I have a little bit of everything for everyone, I like to switch it up and try different items.”
-Van Hook n’ Stitch (www.facebook.com/vanhooknstitch)

“Artisan Soaps. Natural, Vegan, Handcrafted, Toxin Free, Plastic Free & Palm Oil Free.”
-SABONNFELU LLC (www.edecorbylynnschlick.com/sabonnfelu)

“A few years ago I received an acrylic paint starter kit and an easel as a gift. I hit the ground running and quickly discovered that it is an uplifting experience. With each painting I grew in skill and confidence. But more than personal growth it is the sense of accomplishment that is almost euphoric. I am happiest when I am in my studio and hope this blissful delirium will never end. I feel blessed to have found so many other self-taught artists to help me refine my skills. As I have a day job I only have time to paint in the evening and on weekends. Ironically Covid-19 forced me to start to work at home giving me an extra hour that used to be taken up by my commute. As an avid gardener my love of flowers has inspired most of my works. Being surrounded by color even in the depths of winter takes me back to summer days drinking tea in my garden. Depending on my mood the paintings take on my personality at the time. When relaxed they can be soft and subtle. Other times they will turn out bright and bold. That is as it should be in nature. In my more recent works, I have added birds and insects to give a more rounded view of nature.”
-Elena Kari (www.instagram.com/elenakari_art)

“We are quilters who meet every Monday at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in McHenry. There usually is a sale each year to sell our quilts, but due to Covid, there has not been a craft fair. Funds from the sale of quilts are used to purchase supplies. Each year we donate our quilts to many charitable agencies – veteran homes, Home of the Sparrow, nursing facilities and Project Linus. We are excited to be a part of this event!”
-Sew Grand Quilts

“A variety of subjects in acrylic and oil”
-Lynne Kwiatkowski

“True Vivid Stone features handmade artisan jewelry favored by stone collectors and treasure hunters alike.”
-True Vivid Stone (www.truevividstone.com)

“I bring two different types of mediums (vintage glass/ceramic/metal) together to create “Uplifted Displayware”…use on your dining table/buffet table/decorative display in your home or garden. Repurposing in a uplifting way”

“My art showcases my painting style, a focus on expressionism, and, counter to my scientific background, exploring shape and color over details, conveying a dramatic feeling of place”
-susan clancy kelly (www.susanclancykelly.com)

“We create unique fashion accessories and home decor by hand. Our stitch M collections are vast because our interests and passions are equally extensive. From hand-embroidered framed art to stamped leather cuffs to decorative door hangers to flannel scarves…whew. We’re confident we have a little something for everyone.”
-stitch M (www.stitchm.com)

“Handmade Jewelry, photography on canvas, Handmade macrame plant hangers”
-Yogainspiredbylisa ~(www.yogainspiredbylisa.com)

“Rocks plus fire–giving Mother Nature a helping hand (actually, she does most of the work)! If you’ve never trekked the jungles of Brazil, plucked pyrite out of the remote mountains of Alaska, or chipped 300 million year old fossils from the rough hewn hills of Morocco…relax–Mother Nature and I have conspired to save you a trip. Beautiful and functional art pieces have been fashioned from the geological bounty of our planet. No two pieces are alike, as no two rocks are alike.
These are candles fashioned from stones, fossils, and the occasional interesting artifact, like an Anasazi Indian pottery shard, that burn oil. Each one comes with a generous supply of lamp oil, wick, funnel for filling, and a tag indicating where on earth the stones are from. What’s cooler than a rock you can set on fire? A coolzenhotrock!”
-Coolzenhotrocks (www.facebook.com/coolzenhotrocks)

“Colored pencils are the perfect medium for horses, wildlife, tigers; anything that has vibrant color in it that needs to be exposed. I also draw with graphite pencils. I have been dabbling in art for the past 40 or so years.”
-My Blue Horse Art (www.MyBlueHorse.com)

“I have been fortunate to travel to many places in the world. I have taken photographs during my travels that I would like to share.”
-Christopher Childers Photography

“Realistic paintings on a variety of wood”
-Mark pawl (www.instagram.com/woodartbypawl)

“Sassy Beans offers handmade jewelry and accessories with an emphasis on statement earrings. Each piece is made with love by Anna Onosko in her home studio. Particular attention is given to creating unique, high quality pieces.”
-Sassy Beans (www.instagram.com/sassybeansshop)

“Maker Mouse Designs specializes in wood and glass creations. We offer many products from handcrafted home accents, wood and glass jewelry and decorative cutting boards. Holiday decorations and ornaments are always among our favorite offerings. We specialize in customized items and nearly everything we offer can be made even more personal by adding a custom message, name and/or date. If you have a special project in mind give us the opportunity to help you make it a reality. Thank you for supporting USA made products and small businesses. We hope you enjoy your creation from Maker Mouse Designs.”
-Maker Mouse Designs (www.facebook.com/makermousedesigns)

“I work with local and regional wood.
Up cycle and recycle urban wood to create unique and useful pieces”
-Frank Originals (www.frankoriginals.studio)

“Our trucks sell over 25 varieties of Blue Bunny, Good Humor, Popsicle, and Helados Mexico Pre-Packaged Ice Cream. We also sell fresh made Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavors with over 30 flavors to mix and choose from.”
-Tropical Chill – Hawaiian Shaved Ice & Ice Cream (www.facebook.com/Tropical-Chill-Hawaiian-Shaved-Ice-Ice-Cream-224656420915260)

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