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Garden Center Near Me Algonquin IL

Garden Center Near Me Algonquin IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscape Center – 8109 South Illinois Route 31 – Call 847-658-5610

Garden Center Near Me Algonquin IL

Garden Center Near Me Algonquin IL

New to gardening? Whispering Hills carries all the plants, soil and other gardening supplies you’ll need to get started on a vegetable garden that will bring you enjoyment all season long – in addition to a healthy yield of tasty, quality vegetables. Here are a few vegetables that are among the most popular and easiest to grow in a home garden:

You can grow lettuce from the start right in your garden bed or start growing it indoors and then transplant it later. In warm weather lettuce requires some shade and is best to harvest at smaller sizes. Lettuce in shade tends to grow slowly and it’s also slow to go to seed, which generally means you can harvest it over a longer period.

A wide assortment of lettuce leaf shapes and varieties and red and green shades means you’ll have plenty of options. You can cut lettuce leaves as they’re growing and enjoy multiple harvests from the same plants by just trimming away what you want. Allow enough space for eight to ten inches in between lettuce plants.

Green Beans
Even in relatively lower quality soil greens are capable of growing because they “repair” the nitrogen! Bush varieties of beans don’t need trellising, while pole varieties supply a lengthy harvest. In cooler regions, snap beans are a great choice for easy growth.

It’s possible to harvest radishes as soon as 24 days following planting. Plus, you can plant radishes among other, slower-growing veggies. Plant them as soon as you are able to work your garden’s soil in the springtime. Sow each of the seeds about two inches apart or adjust them to that space after they are sprouting. Cover up the seeds in your garden with approximately one-half inch of compost.

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