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Spruce Trees Algonquin IL

Spruce Trees Algonquin IL

Spruce Trees Algonquin IL – Whispering Hills

Are you planning to improve your residential or commercial landscape with some new trees this season? Perhaps you’ve taken a look at a few varieties and narrowed your options down to spruce trees because of their lovely appearance and appealing color. Likewise, perhaps you prefer a coniferous tree with cones and needles rather than a species with broad leaves.

There’s a lot to take into account when choosing among coniferous evergreens because there are several species of them. These can include pines, hemlocks, firs, Spruce Trees Algonquin IL and more. Spotting the difference is not always that easy, yet when picking trees for your property it’s important to consider
necessary care and growing conditions specific trees will need.

Similarly, consider what purpose for which you want your evergreens: to provide shade, for ornamental reasons etc. Since planting and maintaining evergreens is an investment it’s critical to select those that are right for your home.

Need Spruce Trees Algonquin IL? Check Out the Selection at Whispering Hills in Cary

Spruce trees are a popular evergreen conifer that typically require minimal pruning. They grow naturally upright and are recognizable by their familiar pyramid shape and horizontal branches. They can create a visually pleasing addition or centerpiece within a landscape. (That is also why some spruce varieties are chosen for use as Christmas trees.) When planted for ornamental purposes they can offer the extra benefit of shade and as a wind break.

In contrast to pine trees, the spruce’s needles grow from small wood attachments that connect directly to the branches. The color of the square, sharp, one-inch long needles varies according to variety, from a grayish-green to a blue tint. Spruce needles are frequently shorter than the softer needles that grow on pine trees.

Located just a short trip away in Cary, Whispering Hills carries a great selection of affordably-priced Spruce Trees Algonquin IL.

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