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Nursery Near Me Barrington IL

Nursery Near Me Barrington IL

Nursery Near Me Barrington IL – Whispering Hills Garden & Landscaping Center – 8104 South Illinois Route 31 – Cary IL – Call 847-658-5610

Here are a few tips to help prepare your garden for the winter season while also reducing the workload facing you in the spring.

-Clean out diseased and dead plants, leave the remaining plants in place. Some dead plants can remain in place to decay and add helpful nutrients to your garden’s soil. However, some might harbor diseases or pests. If you detected indicators of disease on your plants in the growing season, now is the right time to eliminate them. The remaining spent plants can protect the soil and limit erosion throughout the winter.

Dig up any problematic plants and put them in the garbage or smother them beneath a tarp or cloth. Some types of invasive weeds stay viable when in a pile or heap of compost. Removal of invasive plant life is an effective way to keep them from sprouting again and affecting your garden next year. Call Whispering Hills as your Nursery Near Me Barrington IL!

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-Prepare your garden soil for next spring. Understandably, many homeowners tend to leave this task for the following year. However, fall is an ideal time for the addition of beneficial elements such as compost, manure or fertilizers such as kelp or bone meal. In many environments, adding extra nutrients in the fall allows them plenty of time to begin breaking down and enriching the soil.

Treating garden soil at an optimal time also means that you’ll already have some of the labor finished by the time growing season rolls around. You can also mulch the soil to keep wintertime rains from flushing away the nutrients that remain beneath the zone where plant roots are still active. This particularly applies to raised garden beds because they tend to drain more rapidly than the in-ground variety.

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