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At Whispering Hills, we pride ourselves on our selection. We carry everything a landscape professional or home gardener needs, including accessories that maintain the health of plants, trees, lawns and brick. We are McHenry County’s one stop shop for everything your landscape needs. If you are a wholesale client, find your pricing here.



Your lawn is an important part of your landscape that ties everything together, but can be easily overlooked until it’s too late. We carry an extensive selection of lawn care products, including grass seed, sod, fertilizer, straw blankets, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and anything else your lawn may need to keep it fresh, healthy and green.


Drainage plays a fundamental role in landscape architecture. Generally installed just underground, landscape drainage will divert water away from your home and foundation, assist in storm water management, and mitigate the frequency of standing water. Drainage flushes water where it needs to go, protecting your investments in both your home and landscape.

Brick Care

Is your profession hardscaping, or are you starting a DIY project outside? Whispering Hills offers a complete selection of brick care products, including cleaners, sealers, and polymeric sand. Our brick care inventory is everything you need to build and maintain brick patios, walkways, driveways, and retaining walls. Protect your investment with regular maintenance and installing with the right materials.

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